Landscape Maintenance Services

Enhance and retain the visual appeal of your property all year round, through fair weather and foul, with professional landscape management.

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Leaf Removal Service

Who doesn’t love watching tree change color during the fall? However, did you know that fallen leaf piles can form a heavy mass that damages the grass and plants by blocking sunlight and reducing the water evaporation that is necessary for the health of your grass? It’s true! However a professional leaf removal service such as that offered by Blake Landscape can help you avoid this issue.

Even if you plan on using the fallen leaves as mulch for your grass, it’s very important to mow them at least once per week on the heaviest areas and at the peak time. We offer both scheduled and on-demand leaf removal service.

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Snow & Ice Management

Get peace of mind and a reliably safe property with dependable and effective snow and ice management delivered by a professional team you can count on.

A snow and ice storm response plan tailored to your property means peace of mind when the big storm arrives, reduces risk and costs, and minimizes company downtime. As your partner, we monitor the storms 24/7 so you don’t have to.

Partnership with us brings a smart, scalable, and proactive response plan that utilizes your snow and ice removal budget wisely while keeping your property safe well before any storm hits.

24/7 Storm Monitoring

Storms don’t keep standard business hours and are never at opportune times. Continual monitoring of a storm’s progress keeps you updated before, during, and after; and enables us to ensure your property will be cleared as soon as possible so you can restore normal operations quickly.

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Lot Clearing Service

Land is a significant investment that requires maintenance to keep it in good shape. Whether you want to tidy up your backyard or clear land for construction, hiring contractors who provide lot clearing services can benefit you. We at Blake Landscape can help you remove unwanted vegetation in a hassle-free way, making it ready for personal use as well as enhancing the value of your property if you are looking to sell.

We are an experienced tree service provider offering tree removal and land clearing services for commercial and residential property as well as for land development projects. We provide services for projects of all scales and sizes.

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Seasonal Lawn Cleanup Service

Seasonal cleanups are for more than just aesthetics. Performing a spring cleanup helps prepare your lawn and landscape for the upcoming growing season. It means removing all debris winter left behind. Fall cleanups on the other hand can mean removing a lot of debris such as leaves and branches left behind by the wind and change of seasons.

Our team at Blake Landscape understands what it takes to get your yard into shape, and we’re happy to tackle any lawn cleaning challenge in Indianapolis and nearby areas.



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